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Patented Design – Specialist Pet Friendly Draught Excluder

A cosy over door draught excluder for environmentally minded pet lovers who don’t have a solution for letting their pet roam around the house whilst saving heat / energy.

Draughtii is a beautiful home accessory that provides convenience and energy conservation for pet owners. Unlike leaving the door ajar, Draughtii is an effortless and inexpensive way to seal the room which keeps you and your pets happy.

Introducing the Draughtii

We care about the planet and our pets in equal measure

The cat wants in the cat wants out

Sound familiar? If you want to conserve heat and reduce energy consumption and you have pets there’s usually a lot of jumping up and down to open and close the door. This creates draughts as well as interruptions. Draughtii allows you to keep your room warm and your pets happy.

A free to roam pet and a settled you

Draughtii is a solution to a real-world problem identified by our team who love their house pets but also love a cosy room. People with small house pets are always leaving doors open to allow them to roam around the house, whether that’s to get to food and litter trays or just please themselves. Draughtii eliminates the hassle and keeps everyone content.

Save on heating costs

Many elderly people struggle to keep a couple of rooms at an optimal temperature over the winter. They’re torn between worrying about the heating bill and the comfort of their beloved cat or dog. Draughtii solves this problem by keeping the room warm, heating bills lower and your pets happy.

A comfortable night for you and your pets

Health-conscious people know that sleeping in a cooler room means better sleep but what if you still want the rest of your home warm for showering, eating and working? And what if closing the bedroom door annoys your pets in the night? Draughtii solves these problems by letting them come and go whilst keeping the bedroom at a lower temperature than the rest of your home.

Draughtii in action!


Draughtii is a simple solution to the energy crisis. By conserving energy and reducing heating bills, it will benefit anyone who uses it.
Cats love a cosy room
When your cat feels cosy without being trapped they are happier with life.
Temperature is key to comfort
We all know the desire to feel cosy with our pets, they just like a little freedom too.
Easily handled
Draughtii is light and easily handled by all ages. It's effortless to remove and small enough to be conveniently stored away over the summer.
Winter features
As the days get shorter, Draughtii is a cosy comfort that adds a seasonal touch to your room.

Become a Draughtii Maker

If you have sewing skills and the ambition to help the environment get customers on our Draughtii Makers marketplace.

Give Your Pet the Choice, and Keep the Heat Inside

Draughtii For Pets

Draughtii Products

Choose your favourite from the options below. Why not have different colours for different rooms?

What we offer

An opportunity to make a difference in the sustainability of energy conservation in the home. We know that pet lovers are environmentally conscious and they’ll take every opportunity to help with the climate crisis that’s unfolding. Using Draughtii at home helps children understand the importance of energy conservation and lets them see that you’re playing your part in saving the planet. Draught Excluders have long been used to help with energy conservation around the home. Draughtii is the evolution of this product.
  • Sustainability
  • Pet Comfort
  • Child Education
  • Energy Costs
  • Homeowner Comfort
  • Fashion Accessories

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